The estate offers a multitude of options, as the property itself comprises 11 houses and cottages, ranging from one roomed cottages to 4 bedroomed houses. Due to the layout, one can host small intimate events for a dozen people as well as accommodate larger weddings with over 100 guests.

Squires now boasts a dramatic deck right on the edge of the Caribbean.
Whatever your needs, we will work together with you and create a solution to make your day something incredibly special.

We stayed at Squires with a group of nearly 30 people over Labor Day. The purpose of the trip was our small wedding, and all the guests said it was the best they have ever been to (Success!). That was thanks to the gorgeous property, stunning colonial houses with even more stunning renovations, and the amazing location of the estate. The pool was cleaned daily, the AC units were new and very cold, and the staff was super helpful. The most helpful thing they all did was help us get ready for our trip: from sorting out sleeping arrangements to facilitating a pre-stocking of grocery and drinks, to recommending snorkelling and the local fish fry and rental cars, even offering an additional house with three bedrooms in lieu of a house with one and a half - the list goes on. I would say that you should NOT expect to be a hotel-like-vacation - that is why you book an independent property on a family island and not a room in Atlantis! We cleaned up after ourselves, put our garbage out, and organised our own meals. All in all, we had a 12/10 trip. Thank you Squires team!

Trip AdvisorJanuary 2019

Reception Options

The lush green gardens at Squires Estate have long been a favourite amongst wedding couples, and there are a number of options depending on the size of the party and your imagination. The most recent addition to the property is a magnificent ocean front function deck, which is perfectly situated to watch the sun set into the Caribbean Sea. The deck is a beautiful area to host an event, with both male and female bathrooms below. It is a requirement when hiring the deck for a function to also rent the houses adjacent and behind the deck.


The property boasts 25 en-suite bedrooms. These range from 1 room cottages to large 4 bedroom homes. The houses operate as vacation rentals, giving you the flexibility to enjoy the island in the privacy of what is your own home for the duration of your visit, but with the convenience of having the whole party close together. Apart from 2 cottages, these houses include fully equipped kitchens, and all have air-conditioning, cable television and Wi-Fi.