Life in EleutheraLife in EleutheraLife in EleutheraLife in EleutheraLife in EleutheraLife in Eleuthera

Life in Eleuthera

With a British colonial heritage that dates back at least three hundred years, Governor's Harbour is the island's oldest settlement. A scattering of fine traditional clapboard homes line the streets up the hill from the harbor, amid trailing bougainvillea, palms and poncianas trees.On the Atlantic side, about half mile from the Estate, lies the picturesque French Leave beach, two miles of pristine pale pink sand, considered one of the best beach on the island.

A day's adventure in Eleuthera can be had spear fishing, snorkeling, bonefishing fishing, kayaking or just splashing in the magical turquoise waters.By late afternoon you can stroll over to the ramp in Governor's Harbour to meet the local fishermen who have just arrived with fresh caught lobster and grouper or just meditate amidst the fabulous sunsets from the porch of your house, cocktail in hand.

Nights are quiet but there are some good dining options and a couple of fun late night hang outs to choose from as you sit under the stars.

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